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For some years, scooters have become popular among children and adults. At your disposal we have an unusual product for people over 7 years old who like to spend their free time actively. At first glance, it seems to be a simple device, but in reality it is individually designed according to your own sense of aesthetics. Each buyer decides on the choice of individual elements on their own, and the only limitation may be his personal imagination.

A scooter combines the mobility of a bicycle with the simplicity of a walk. Most likely, this is the reason why it is so popular in big cities, among young people and for some time among adults. In most cases, people pay attention to its functionality. We want to change it.

Our scooters are built in a technical way that allows to introduce all imaginable modifications. We don’t deal with the production of any series of products, however, we strive to adapt our products to the individual taste of each client. For our offer, the scooter designed by the customer is unique and unrepeatable.

The choice refers to the colour of the frame, the handles and the board. Three ingredients and so many possibilities.


We offer 4 scooter frame colours, from the RAL colour palette:

  • white RAL 9010,
  • RAL 5012 blue,
  • RAL 2003 orange,
  • RAL 7001 grey.


Each buyer chooses their own colours of handles. In our offer we have:

  • orange,
  • blue,
  • white,
  • black,
  • green,
  • brown,
  • red.


The board is the most important part of a scooter. It simply makes the device so unique among many. The board was made of ecological hardwood - out of plywood with a thickness of 10 mm. Each individual proposal contains an original graphic, backed by a layer of varnish. In addition, the board is still covered with non-slip granules, which facilitates movement and keeps the sole well. This is extraordinarily important for the comfort of the trip.

We have 11 board designs to choose from, and even the most demanding customers can choose something attractive for themselves.


• Pumped wheels with the size of 12 inches, perfect for driving over potholes, in a comfortable way.

• A small foot/pole that allows you to stop it easily without having to lean it against anything.

Our scooters combine a traditional construction with a modern and ecological design. Regarding the fact that we, as manufacturers of great scooters, have been practicing such a method of movement for many years, we know exactly, what great importance should be given on, if this means of transport is used. We wanted to create an optimal and universal manner in which we allowed our imagination to go crazy. Thanks to that, during the process of configuration you can find something crazy, elegant and even romantic.

Our scooters offer the opportunity to reflect the mentality of their owners. Everyone knows that it is a perfect mode of transportation that make people free from their frustration resulting from the need to move quickly from one place to another, but why shouldn’t we emphasize our taste, our character, our favourite colour?

Our product guarantees everything. By making your own pattern, you can express yourself. We guarantee high quality of individual components, reliability and safety during use.

If you have doubts or questions, we are at your disposal with our help.